NYC Ruby Women

Meets monthly for hacks & chats and speaker talks.


Meets every second Tuesday of the month for talks. Hack nights every 4th Tuesday.

Ladies Who Code

Meets monthly to discuss general programming topics and offers a variety of talks throughout the year by members.

Women Who Code

International organization of women who are launching local chapters.

Hacker Hours

Meets twice a week to help you solve your programming problems.

Code Crew

Group of individuals who meet up to learn how to code together.

Ruby Project Night

Project night is a great way to meet other Ruby developers and get help with projects

On Campus

The Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps

The Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering is recruiting students for an exciting program for women in computing called the Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps. This program focuses on helping women succeed in computing while providing them with the opportunity to give back to the community and practice leadership. Throughout the year, students will work with CS faculty and graduate students to design and carry out fun and interactive group activities for middle school girls to excite them about computing.

Mailing lists


Mailing list for women in development

Mailing list and support group affiliated with the Anita Borg Institute